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Hayrake Dining Table

The Finished Project

This table design is called a "Hayrake" because the stretcher holding the base together look like, well . . ., a hayrake.

The table I've made here is all Mahogany. A wonderful wood that is not only beautiful but also extremely stable because tropical woods grow in a very even climate and, thus, have minimal, if any, growth rings.

Side Table.jpg

Solid Cherry Side Table with tapered & champered legs.  Legs and aprons are mortised and tenoned (of course).

Edge Treatment 3.jpg

Detail of edge treatment on Cherry SIde Table.

Cherry Trestle Table with breadboard ends.

Detail showing beveled stretcher

and walnut "tusk" holding the stretcher tightly to leg.

I made this small table years ago for my wife. It is made from Pau Ferro - also known as Bolivian Rosewood - and Yellow Birch.  It's a great size to put next to a favorite reading chair.

Small Table + Cat-1.jpg
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