The Serving Board Collection


These beautiful serving & cutting boards are made with wood that is carefully selected for attractive grain structure and durability. 


Each board begins its life as rough lumber that is planed in my shop to proper thickness. They are carefully shaped and crafted by hand with attractive inlays or borders. Before finishing they are sanded to a very smooth surface that is pleasing to the touch.  The final step is to apply at least two coats of a hand-rubbed certified food-safe finish to add a good layer of protection.


Most of the boards have decorative inlays on just one side.  You can use the plain side to cut on without feeling guilty and use the decorative side for serving your guests.


Since each of these serving boards are individually hand crafted, no two will be exactly the same and you can expect variations in the grain and color of the wood.  Thickness is generally around 5/8" with some of the larger boards being closer to 3/4".

Style 300 - "Champagne Bubbles" - American Walnut with Maple Inlay.

Approx Size: 7" x 22"


Style 104 - Maple Board with Dyed Maple Inlay.

Approx. Size: 7 ½” x 20”


Style 201 - Quarter Sawn Sycamore with American Walnut Border.

Approx Size: 5 1/4" x 24"


Style 108 - Cherry Serving Board in a great size.

​Approx. Size: 7” x 36”


Style 303 - "Poppies" - American Walnut with Maple & Holly Inlay.

​Approx. Size: 8” x 18”


Style 110

Style 110 - Hard to find Quarter Sawn Sycamore with Walnut inlay.

​Approx. Size: 5 3/4” x 18”



Style 305 - "Little Crisscross" - Walnut, Maple & Holly.

Approx. Size: 7 ½” x 16”


Style 112 - Maple Board with Dyed Maple Inlay.

Personal Size Serving Boards.  Showing both sides. 

A plain side for cutting and a "show" side for serving.

Approx. Size: 4" x 16"


Style 301 - American Walnut with Maple "Bubbles."

Approx Size: 7" x 18"


304 - Replacement.jpg

Style 304 - American Walnut with Maple & Holly  Inlay

​Approx. Size: 7” x 18”